The Talent Catalog is the world's first and only one of a kind Arts & Entertainment Clearing House and Hands-On Program.

An arts and entertainment industry referral company, booking agency and program or put simply a "One Stop Shop" for the arts and entertainment industry and those with the desire to learn about it, for Talent, Service Providers and Venues alike.

The Talent Catalog is Your Ultimate Connection! From Booking Talent and Hosting Events to finding the right photographer or that Perfect Producer and even finding that Amazing Act You Need at Your Venue. The Talent Catalog is is the only place you need to go.

A bridge between artists, service providers and venues and the services they need or provide: photographers, stylists, production studios, print services, graphic designers, rehearsal space, gigs, clientele, promotion, etc.​​

Our mission is to unite the world through the joys of positive music and entertainment; by helping conscious artists with the potential to be stars, uncover their stardom and growing the businesses that help get them there.

The Talent Catalog is currently based in Miami, Florida and, as our team grows, we plan to expand to other major cities in the U.S. and around the world.  We look forward to using our expansion to spread positive messages and create job opportunities in local communities.

The Talent Catalog is deeply committed to improving the communities in which we work and live. As part of that goal, The Talent Catalog doubles up as a social program under the Talent4Change Foundation originated to teach our youth in the community basic concepts like common sense, courtesy, understanding, love, consideration, compassion, creativity, and resourcefulness. We believe teaching these fundamentals to our youth and their families, is necessary for us to meet our end goal of creating unity among all people.

The Talent Catalog is also currently exploring establishing an internship program allowing students to receive college credit for working side by side with producers, dance instructors, photographers, and other art and music industry professionals.